Monday, August 26, 2013

12 Days To Go!

My 1001 days is almost over and although I won't be completing all 101 things on My List, it has still been a very fun experience to record on this blog and I do hope to continue to set myself little goals and looking back at my achievements for the rest of 2013 and throughout 2014 also.

I'm not going to set another 101 in 1001 and might leave this blog live as an archive, but I will most likely continue to record my goings-on on my What Cheryl Did blog - you can follow me there if you'd like to keep up with everything I get up to.

For now I do have 12 days left, so lets see what I can cram into that time!

Movie: Disney's Planes

I can't resist a new Disney film and to have this and Monsters University out within weeks of each other makes me very happy! I got a double dose of Disney at the cinema this summer!

I love Dane Cook and his comedy, so for him to voice the main character and find myself laughing when the kids didn't was actually pretty funny! I would definitely watch this again - it was so fun.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Movies and Books Update

As usual I've been making such great progress on reading and watching movies......


I finished a book, a rare thing for me. I loved 'The Maze Runner' eventually and have book number 2 ready to go when I finish 'Pretties'.

Did I not see one single film between March and June? Apparently not! I checked my Instagram and Facebook checkins just to be sure, no movie time. There must be something about summer, I seem to watch the most movies in those months as looking at last year's summer movies list.

Gonna need a miracle to reach my goals in time on these! Wish me luck! ♥